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By Walt Cameron


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We have inspiring stories, interviews with successful Americans, articles and lots of content about how to achieve your American Dream. We've created this website to share with you how we value the American Dream and believe that it will inspire you to continue to or help you find your own American Dream path.

My new book, “Yes! The American Dream is Alive and Well” is posted on this site and is available for all. It includes a “10 Step Action Plan” to show you how you can achieve your own dream. The stories from the Founding Fathers to present day Americans who have achieved their dream are inspiring, entertaining, and great models for you to follow.



“I have read many history books, but have never had anyone explain so simply as to why and how our founding fathers fought for freedom. My ancestors came to America in the late 1800’s and their success gave me the courage to quit my job and start my own business. I believe I will be successful because I live in a country that gives me the opportunity to do what I want to do. I will share my family story with you. Maybe it will be in your next book.”
Rob Morrisey
Chicago, IL

" The book opens with an inspirational “walk” through our country’s early history, with “stops” focusing on key individuals and key occurrences. It continues to the present day with a captivating section on real people overcoming real challenges in achieving their goals and dreams. It finishes with useful and timely information on how each of us can find the means of creating our own “American success stories.”
Roger Hukle
CEO, New American Colonies, LLC


Browse through the website, you'll find lots of FREE information about owning your own business, improving your credit, success tips, and inspirational stories about successful people in our country who have achieved their dream and made a difference in the lives of many Americans just like you. Many Americans are facing difficult issues in our country today and we want you to have a safe place to come to be inspired and to see that there is still lots of opportunity available for everyone in this great country of ours.

Remember, our Founding Fathers risked everything they had so that we would be able to enjoy the lives we have today. You honor all those who went before us and gave their lives when you pursue your own American Dream and keep the legacy of America in your heart. Watch the videos, listen to the radio shows, read the articles, enjoy, learn and inspire yourself to be the great person you are meant to be! We always appreciate your comments and questions as to how we can improve our website to help you. Just hit the “Contact” link at the top of the menu bar and send us a message.

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